About Phaedra Jean


Phaedra Jean Taylor was raised on the rocky shores of northern Scotland, where a love of all things old seeped into her bones. At thirteen she was transplanted to Dallas, Texas, where she learned to love open spaces and quiet landscapes. After discovering an artistic interest in drawing during anatomy class, she completed her BFA in sculpture at the University of North Texas in sculpture, where she was also awarded the Most Outstanding Student in the Visual Arts award. She interned at the Chinati Foundation, in Marfa Texas, shortly thereafter where she was profoundly influenced by spending hours in the company of works by Donald Judd, Fred Sandback and Carl Andre. Since then she has been exploring the disciplines of encaustic painting, printmaking, watercolor and assemblage. She is interested in ideas of play, innocence, memory, and belonging. Her work has been exhibited in juried, group, and solo exhibitions, and is held in private collections of various individuals around the globe. She has is also involved in creating commissioned liturgical works for church communities and personal devotional pieces for individuals to use as part of their spiritual practice. Phaedra recently moved to Houston, Texas with her husband and young daughter, where she attempts to maintain a consistent studio practice while negotiating the demands of motherhood and the joys of gardening.

Artist Statement

The tension of not knowing, not seeing fully, wrestling with our human desire to know the end of every story is the experience I wish to provoke in my viewers as they interact with my paintings. Dreamy spaces and fairytale-like characters contest the division between the realm of memory and the realm of experience. My work includes children at play in a game with different rules than that which apply to everyday life; and everyday objects undergo transformations into something fantastical and impractical.